BlackMagic Rec709 to Arri Log-C LUT

I was working on a project that was shot primarily with Alexa in Log-C, but 2nd unit had used some BlackMagic cameras for some additional shots and timelapses. These additional shots were filmed with the BlackMagic Rec709 LUT straight to ProRes meaning there wasn't any raw or flat footage available.

The team doing comps asked me to whip up a look to apply to this Rec709 footage that could be converted to Rec709 with the Arri Log-C LUT which they had on everything. I quickly created the below LUT to streamline the workflow.

Original timelapse footage:

709 to Log-C LUT applied:

Arri Log-C to 709 LUT applied to previous shot:

The conversion isn't perfect (I tend to save the highlights a touch more than the original 709 footage) but it's more than close enough to work off of. Below is an additional example with less foliage and better levels.

Original footage:

709 to Log-C LUT applied:

Arri Log-C to 709 LUT applied to previous shot:

In this second sample you can especially notice the safer highlights as well as a little less highlight warmth and saturation (yellows in particular).

Again, the LUT isn't perfect but good enough to work off of in a pinch.

Installation and Use

To use:

  • Download the LUT (right click save as)
  • Drop into Library>Application Support>Blackmagic Design>DaVinci Resolve>LUT (OSX) or ProgramData\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Support\LUT\ (Win)
  • Open Resolve
  • Add your media
  • Create a timeline in the Edit tab
  • Add the media pool file(s) into the newly created timeline
  • Click on the clip in the color tab
  • Right click the last node and select 3D LUT>LUT>BMD_to_LogC (see image below)

Now your image should look nice and washed out!

This LUT is released for free into the public domain. Do with it what you will!